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With increasing numbers of Americans with chronic illness, with new drugs requiring patients practice carefully drug (and lifestyle) regimes and with the overall increased complexity in medical care delivery, Dr. Gruman will discuss what's meant by patient engagement and why patient's need be actively engaged in their own care. 

Dr. Jessie Gruman is President of the Center for Advancing Health, aGruman[1] nonpartisan, Washington-based policy institute dedicated to advancing patient engagement in health care delivery, i.e., the Center advocates for policies and practices to overcome the challenges people face in finding good care and getting the most from it.   Dr. Gruman is also a Professorial Lecturer in the School of Public Health and Health Services at The George Washington University.  She serves on the board of trustees of the Center for Medical Technology Policy and the Technical Board of the Milbank Memorial Fund.   She too is a fellow of the Society for Behavioral Medicine and a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Council on Foreign Relations and the NY Academy of Medicine.  Among other works, Dr. Gruman is the author of The Experience of the American Patient: Risk, Trust and Choice (Health Behavior Media, 2009).  She was graduated from Columbia University with a Ph.D. in Social Psychology.   



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